When the walls of this tavern could speak, you would hear outrageous stories about legendary desperados and cunning sicarios. At different times, El Chapo and Pancho Villa settled their score here and El Mariachi was plotting revenge.


Come morning, this sinful tavern will become a pleasant eatery, where cheerful chicas and muchachas lead guests to tables, accompanied by the vibrant music of mariachis. Their faces beam with friendly smiles, but if necessary, they will pull out a pistol from their belt or bra faster than you can say Margarita.

The name of this tavern is Burro and it offers the best Mexican food in Tartu! Burrito, quesadilla, chilli con carne, guacamole, taco, tortilla – all available in their well-known tastiness. As well as cactus spirit and ice-cold Mexican beer of the finest variety.